Shadows of Saint Fleur

S1E14 - The Tourist

Shadows of Saint Fleur - Session 13

Jul 8, 2020

Episode Notes

Hello dear listener, and welcome back to Saint Fleur, where a mysterious tourist named Darby has come to town, and they're on a mission. A few of our shadows interact with them as they go about their own business.

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Shadows of Saint Fleur is MCed and Edited by @super_landon1 - It is part of the Be Gay Roll Dice podcast network, which you can find on twitter @BEGAYROLLDICE -

Darby is voiced and played by James Malloy ( of Stop, Hack, and Roll and Protean City Comics fame!

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Cover art was done by Carys Young -

Urban Shadows is a tabletop roleplaying game written by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman, and is published by Magpie Games -

Farewell dear listener! We'll see you next time you visit Saint Fleur.

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