Shadows of Saint Fleur

S1E9 - Out of Left Field

Shadows of Saint Fleur - Session 8

Feb 26, 2020

Episode Notes

Hello dear listener, and welcome back to Saint Fleur, where the day is continuing on much to everyone's dismay.

Victor gets into a hairy situation, and then gets in way over his head. Silk does a new trick or two. Aleister actually socializes with people. Jeremiah visits an old friend who doesn't quite remember him. And Alix does what he does best.

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Shadows of Saint Fleur is MCed and Edited by @superkatelin1 -

Cover art was done by Carys Young -

Urban Shadows is a tabletop roleplaying game written by Andrew Medeiros and Mark Diaz Truman, and is published by Magpie Games -

The following music was used in this episode:

Music from "Epic Unease" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (

Music from "Dark Carnival VL" by Peritune ( License: CC BY (

Farewell dear listener! We'll see you next time you visit Saint Fleur.

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